Our Call To Action

Ten years ago, God began to do a radical transformation in my heart and in my life.  Since coming to faith in Christ when I was 18, I began to really question if the way that I was living was a demonstration of a surrendered life.  With the birth of my first child, I began to realize that my salvation was not just fire insurance, but that I belonged to Jesus.  More than anything I wanted to know Him and not just know about Him.  I remember distinctly sitting down one day and asking God to reveal Jesus to me in an irrevocable way.  I wanted Christ to come in and completely take over.  I wanted to be molded, shaped, chiseled and used by Him.  I realized after years of living for me, that life done in His absence was not life at all.  Thankfully, Jesus didn't leave me there.  I have been learning to walk in intimacy with Him and learning to trust Him even when things are difficult.  I have been learning something that seems to be counter-cultural and that is complete dependence upon Him and abandonment of king Justin.  My heart for Him has been and is being radically transformed and I am learning to love what He loves.  My service is no longer out of compulsion, but out of an overjoyed excitement at watching Him work. 

My wife and I received the call to Uganda back in 2012 after my second trip to Uganda and my wife's first.  Discipleship has always been my focus and now we feel God’s call to disciple youth in Uganda.  Uganda is currently a nation that claims 80% Christianity and the difficult thing is that it is outpacing its leadership as far as learning.  They need Bible teachers.  My wife and I will be working at Heritage International School in Kampala.  My wife will be teaching math and I will be the Chaplain of Student and Family Outreach.  The greatest thing about this school is that we have the opportunity to minister to over 320 students from 26 different nations.  Most of the students are not believers, but the academic reputation of the school is so good that parents are ok with us teaching Christianity.  I get very excited when I think about doing life together with these students, planting God's word in them, disciplining them, and then sending them back to their respective nations.  Can you imagine the ripple effect of such a ministry?  I want people to have the freedom and life in Christ that I have experienced.  And I want to be available as a resource to walk with them in this way.  There is NOTHING LIKE INTIMACY WITH HIM, NOTHING!!!!

If God wills, we are planning to leave July of 2015.  God is doing an amazing work in our partner base here and continues to grow our team and we are so excited about what He is doing in and through us and through our team.  Let me know if you need more info and we thank God for you.

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