Saturday, November 14, 2015


This morning (Saturday), the alarm went off at 6 AM.  On a Saturday, I can here the resounding groans and I appreciate them.  My eyes opened slowly and the questions began:  You have a busy weekend, wouldn't it be better to just rest, sleep more?  You have plenty of time to build relationships and honestly it's tough to do awkward things, why not relax?  We had a late night and though the thought of sleeping was so enticing, I got up.  Dear God, I'm so glad I did.
As I rode the boda with my Saturday driver to the location where he drops me off (yes, I'm being cryptic for safety), we laughed and exchanged stories about life.  We agreed that the Ugandan Cranes were indeed the best team in the world.  It filled my heart to be able to shower this man with thanks and kindness.  The smile that he gave me was one that couldn't be painted by human hands.  Dear God, I'm so glad I got up this morning.
As I began my walk, I ran into three people that I normally see every day (yep, cryptic).  For their safety, I didn't photo them, but we shared great laughs and I was able to go deeper into conversation with them thanks to Ugandans who are investing time in language with me.  As I began to leave them, I sensed a need to pray over them.  I asked them if I could and they agreed, "but we must do it out of sight.  You are becoming known here, be vigilant."  So I took them into another location, took their hands and praised God for them and their families and their friends.  The prayer to us was the sweetest moment and I thought it would be the capstone of my long walk.  God hadn't even started. Dear God, thank You for getting me up this morning!
As I walked towards home still brimming from the opportunity to love these people through prayer, I greeted everyone I met.  As I pressed on towards home, I encounter a young man pushing a rudimentary wheelbarrow full of fruit.  "Where are you coming from, Mukwano (friend)?", I asked the young man.  "I am coming from Nakasero Market and I still have 4 km to go." he replied.  "I will help you push" and with that, I was pushing a wheelbarrow of fruit up a steady hill.  Then the young man said something to me that really blew me away.  "You are Christian." he said.  I thought it was a question so I answered him, "yes, I love Christ".   The young man stepped in front of my wheelbarrow so that I had to stop.  He then leaned forward and looked me in the eyes and said, "no, I am not asking you, I'm telling you, you are a Christian".  His action was deliberate and as he stepped out of the way, he gave a glancing smile at me and said, "I am so glad that we are brothers".  As I pressed on with the wheelbarrow, I said nothing else.  I couldn't.  My solid sweat was mixing with tears of gratitude for a morning filled like a cornucopia of planting, sewing and reaping all of which was bound together by a beautiful cord of bountiful grace.  Dear God, thank You for getting me up this morning!  As we approached our destination, I spoke with him longer and we agreed to work on some Bible on the days that I would see him and on every other day, I would lift him up in prayer.
As I left, I was just bewildered by the immense beauty of what God does when we simply say, "yes, I'm getting up and going with You.  Whatever You have on the plate for us today, is exactly what we will do."  Because of this, I got to love and encourage policemen, security guards, KCCA workers, men and women from the quarries, boda drivers and every day men and women who need Him.  Dear God, I'm so glad that You got me up this morning.

I saw Grace (one of the KCCA workers) this morning.  She said to thank you all for praying for her. She senses all of your prayers and is watching God work in her life daily.

Pray for unnamed men and women who I prayed for this morning.  They are bewildered by the fact that someone is loving them enough to pray for them.  Isn't it interesting that this is my great delight?

Please also praise God for my wife.  I told her this morning that without her support at home, I wouldn't be able to do all that I do.  She silently and patiently listens and lovingly affirms what God is doing through us here.  What a blessing she is!

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  1. Amen. So jealous that you're doing God's will and I don't even know where I am in life. May God continue to use you for His will.