Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pray for Reign

We are in one of my favorite times of year right now; the rainy season.  Storms here come very fast and are often a welcome relief from the scorching sun.  When it rains here, it can rain very very hard in short bursts, steadily over long periods of time or (my personal favorite) very very hard over long periods of time.  Flooding and mudslides are a frequent occurrence here and they often can do damage.

This week as you can see from these pictures, the rain came fast, hard and for a long period of time. Having nowhere to go the water piled up against a very strong ten foot cement block wall.  All at once, the water (which was five feet high on one side of the wall) pushed a 80 foot section of our wall over like it wasn't even there.  The water poured onto campus nearly killing one of our sweet guards who, by the grace of God, was barely able to escape.
As I surveyed the wall, something surreal swept over me.  Three hundred men couldn't push this wall over, yet nothing could stop the rain from crushing something that seemed immovable.  It didn't start as a 6 foot wall of water, it started with one rain drop.  It was one drop of rain that was of no consequence to an insurmountable wall.  Yet just hours later, that collection of drops uprooted a wall and flooded our campus.
When I first arrived here and stepped on to this campus, I constantly felt like one drop of rain against a rock fortress.  I constantly pondered how I was going to be able to move immovable walls.  How would I be able to bring down walls in the lives of students and staff?  After all, how can one drop of rain move a wall?
Yesterday after I finished teaching Biblical Apologetics, Pastoral Care and Theological Integration (That's just Middle School!) and working in two youth groups, something very surreal came over me. Our days here have been a collection of God's rain.  Debby and I have been brought to tears at times as we have watched walls in the lives of our students, our peer teachers, administrators and support staff snap under the weight of God's great and glorious grace.  Everyday the water has risen as we have lived discipleship, correction, confession, guidance, leadership, forgiveness, repentance and PRAISE GOD RESTORATION!
Don't miss understand me, it is so challenging at times, yet His wave will not be stopped, no matter how solid the wall.  So I'm asking you to help me pray for God to flood this place and bring down every wall.  Beloved, Pray for Reign!

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