Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Hands and Feet of Jesus

I often used to wonder what it was like to be a missionary.  In my mind, I would work through all of the scenarios.  All of the scenarios in my mind were laden with sacrifice and suffering.  I would picture myself wearing dusty clothes, eating beans and rice while fighting off malaria filled mosquitoes.  Who would ever want that type of life?  Where is the incentive?  Are the souls of others really relying on my presence in a foreign nation and quite frankly, did I value you them like Jesus does?  I rarely answered my own question and by not answering it, I answered it.  
BUT GOD.......I love that statement because apart from Jesus Christ, I am hard headed and hard-hearted and incapable of true change.  I have learned in my life time that only Jesus can substantiate a change such as He has done within me.  Where before, I wanted total independence, I know thrive on the provision of God.  Over the past 6 weeks, we have seen many of you come to our aid and provide us with a home for a year, furnishings, bedding, a TV, clothes....oh my goodness clothes, a vehicle, NEW SUPPORT, prayer, speaking opportunities, moving help, food, a roof over our head until we moved into our home, etc.  I submit to you that as wonderful as it was for me to know independence, I love so much more watching God provide for family needs that would otherwise go unmet.  As I look around our home, I am constantly reminded that God does provide even down to the smallest detail. Praise Him, nothing escapes His attention.  To know that we are loved by God and loved by our brothers and sisters in Christ, makes me feel like the richest man in the world.  I love that so many of you are in the trenches with us in Uganda, and so many of you have reached out to love on our family as we rest, reconnect and support raise during our year here. I've seen the body of Christ function so well over the past 6 weeks, and it is a continuing testimony of God's faithfulness.  He is true to His word, He NEVER FAILS and to know that is worth more than anything that I could ever own.  Thank You Jesus for all that You do and thank You for these amazing people that we are so privileged to partner with.  It is the greatest honor that I've ever known.

So here is just a quick update.  We are moved into our home in Bargersville, IN.  We are in the middle of a very busy season of speaking and support raising for our next term.  We are aiming to return to Uganda in May of 2018.  As of today, we are currently at 78%, that is up 8% in just 5 weeks and we have 22% recurring funding to go.  God is really moving in this area and we pray that He will continue to keep this momentum going.  If you are interested in partnering with us at any amount monthly, please visit here:  www.wgm.org/williams  We are watching God move here and would LOVE to have you on our team. 
Our speaking schedule for the next three Sundays is below and we'd invite you to join us during that time.  We'd love to meet you and talk to you about what God is doing in and through our family in Uganda.  Also below are some of our ministry links.  Please feel free to explore and ask questions about anything and everything.  Thank you so much, we love you and look forward to meeting you or reconnecting with you soon.

Justin, Debby, Micah, Lexi, Levi Williams

August 13--Southpointe Church  website:  www.southpointe-church.org

August 20--Little Flock Church   Address:  927 N Traub Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222

August 27--Lifepoint Church  website:  www.lifepointindy.com


Our WGM Site:  www.wgm.org/williams


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