Monday, October 14, 2013

Like a Glove

Debby and I have been married now for 15 years.  That is such a remarkable thing to say when you consider the ferocious attacks that have been leveled at the institution of marriage.  I have to say before we go on, I absolutely love being married.  I love my wife.  There is no one who challenges me more and no one that I have a greater love and respect for than my bride.  She has been the recipient of so many unexpected conversations that generally start with me say, "Don't get mad, but I....".  She is the keeper of an amazing house, the mother to our three amazing children and she is brilliant at what she does.  Without her, I cannot imagine that my ministry opportunities would have ever been as fruitful as they have been.  I am without a doubt, the wealthiest man, to have ever set foot on this planet.  Aside from Jesus, Debby is my closest friend, my sweetest love, my most staunch and steadfast supporter, a spiritual defender, a comrade in the trenches and so much more.  My wife fits me in glorifying God like a glove.  This evening I had the privilege of interviewing my lovely bride about our move towards Uganda.  This is the heart of my wife:

1. (Justin)  Tell me about your excitement level for Uganda.
Debby- A two.  It's still so far away for me.  And all I see is the work that needs to be done to get there and more work adjusting when we do get there.   I am choosing to follow God's plan for my life and not my own.  Life with God in control is always an adventure, and far more wonderful than anything I could dream up myself.

2. (Justin)  What fears to you have about going to Uganda?
Debby-I am a certified germaphobe so that is one of my biggest fears.  There are real diseases and parasites that our bodies are not immune to.  I'm afraid for my kids too.  I have to remind myself they belong to God, not me.  I also worry about them being third culture kids who don't feel like they fit in anywhere.

3. (Justin)  What kind of sacrifice is this for you?
Debby- Big, this was not in my plans.   But when God lays something on your heart, you can't just walk away from it.  I won't be a "Jonah." Following God's plan for your life is always better then following your own plan. 

4. (Justin)  How do you think you will fit in in Uganda?
Debby-  I have no idea.  I adapt pretty well so I’m not too worried about culture shock.  I think I'm the most worried about losing my support network.  I know the first couple of months in Uganda will be a tough transition for our family.  And I'll start teaching again for the first time in 10's just a lot of change for our whole family.

5. (Justin)  What excites you about this opportunity?
Debby-It will be neat to teach again.  I see how God was shaping me back in college for this.  I started college as a computer science major, until God grabbed me and told me He'd created me to teach.  Now this international school in Uganda needs a math teacher. You have been completing your Masters degree to prepare for something.  Now the same school needs a chaplain.  I just see how we fit at Heritage International School.  Plus it's an added benefit that the kids will be going there too.

6. (Justin) What would you like to say to all our supporters and potential supporters?
Debby-Please help us get to Uganda.  I have been watching as God has been preparing and shaping our family for this move and this time in our lives.  As important as our family is (and we are important), this is God's show and He deserves center stage.  I want people to know Jesus and to know the freedom that comes from knowing Him.  We want to impact the Kingdom by serving in Uganda.

I'm so proud of this lady.  When I came back from Uganda the first time, I said to my wife, "I think we need to move to Uganda.".  Her reply was swift, "No."  God, however, has been shaping her and doing a transforming work on her heart as well as mine.  It has been beyond comprehension to watch as God has transformed us and prepared us each in our own way.  Pray for us, pray for Debby, she has been so essential to me in ministry and I know that God wants to do something in and through us in Uganda.  The enemy knows it as well and thus the fight is on.  Yesu Amala-Jesus is Enough.

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