Friday, March 21, 2014

While We Wait, We Do Not Wait

What does a missionary do as they wait for God to finish His provision for their way to the field?  This is a question that someone asked me recently and it was question that caused me to grin from ear to ear.  The answer for me is so incredibly simple that it didn't take, but seconds for me to respond.  "Its simple you see, while I wait on God to complete our funding I am enveloped in what He has created me to do; encouraging and discipling the believers that God daily brings me in contact with.  As excited as I am to head to Uganda, I am pleasantly stunned and equally excited by what God is allowing us to do right here and now and that is to pour ourselves into other believers.  I get the opportunity to be available for Him every day and to sit and listen to those whom He has created pour out both triumph and tragedy.  In the midst of it all, to be given the opportunity to represent Jesus to any and all far surpasses by leaps and bounds anything that this world has to offer.  I feel so unworthy of such an amazing honor to point back at my Jesus as the answer to any and all of life's problems.  I don't have to wonder if I'm right either, because at my very worst, He died for me....for ME!  Who does that?  Who goes to the grave for someone who stood against Him and then conquers the grave and opens the door of forgiveness and salvation for that same man?  There is only One who could do such a thing, the Victor.  
As I wait for Him, I no longer push my agenda or rush from point A to point B.  I no longer look at the time as a constraint of 24 hours within which I must accomplish A, B and C in order to be successful.  I don't treat my works as acts of compulsion because I need to achieve to be someone in His sight.  The simple fact is, He died for me as I was, hopeless and helpless and by His grace alone, I am saved.  I add nothing to salvation, it is all from His hands.  As I wait for Him, I dwell on this and drink in His words.  I sleep in the evening knowing that He loves me as I am and I can't do anything to make Him love me more, it isn't possible.  I can't even scratch the surface during this lifetime of the depth and breadth of His love, it will take an eternity for me to even begin to peel back that onion.  While I wait for Him, I sit silently at His feet as Mary did.  In simple silence, He transforms me and renews a steadfast spirit within me.  When I awake, I delight to know that He is there and I find myself eagerly spending time with Him and telling Him, "today, I want to be available for You".  While I wait for Him, I discover that He is all that I ever want and all that I ever need and it causes me to proclaim His glory in word and deed.  While I wait for Him, I am finding my greatest pleasure in rejoicing, letting my light shine, being unified and reconciled, keeping His word, loving my enemies, going the second mile, practicing his disciplines, laying up treasures, seeking His Kingdom, judging not, asking, seeking, knocking, doing unto others, choosing the narrow way, praying for the laborers, hearing His voice, not being afraid, honoring my parents, denying myself, going to and forgiving offenders, honoring marriage, being a servant, bringing in the poor, rendering to Caesar, loving my neighbor, loving Him, feeding His sheep and making disciples.  I've been in both camps, you see and having the choice, I'll wait for Him because He is more than worth it.  
If you don't know the Christ that I speak of, contact me today.  He has never failed any who have called on His name.  That is why I am who am and I proclaim this great news, because in Him I have found eternal satisfaction.  He wants this for you and He was willing to bridge the gap for you.  He freely forgives and invites you in.  If you will call upon Him in repentance and in need of a Savior, He will save you.  Nothing compares to a life in Him, nothing.

Just want to conclude with this song.  It answers the question, "why I get up in the morning?"  Enjoy.

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