Monday, November 17, 2014

The End of the Beginning

Wow, August 3rd was the last time that I updated our blog.  That is pathetic.  I have every excuse in the book, but communication is a must and I am sorry for the long delay. SO, after a year and three months of fundraising, God has us in a place where we are closing in on our objective.  Within the past two weeks we have picked up nearly $1000 in new monthly support and more is on the way. We are praying and hoping that God will allow us to complete our funding by February of 2015.  We are pursuing every opportunity that God is putting in front of us and trusting that if He wills, we can finish by February.  Just today, we sent out around 200 letters and DVDs to current and potential partners and churches.  We are hoping that this will be our final push to hit our financial goal.
  As our funding continues to come in, I will most likely leave FedEx after 14 years of service in January or February so that we will be free to travel and finish up our funding.  We will be getting our house ready to sell and will put it on the market in March.  We will most likely sell just about everything we have and bring ourselves down to just 3 trunks a person.  By June, our family will take off for Denver, CO to complete our final training.  We will come back to Chicago at the end of July and then we will depart for the field around the beginning of August.  With every day that goes by, Debby and the kids and I are just in awe of what God has done and is doing.  We marvel at His ways.  We are in awe of His willingness to allow us to take part in such an amazing opportunity.  We have learned new limits and a new dependence upon Jesus as our world is already in great transition.  We are leaving everything that we know and entering a place that is foreign to us.  There will be so many struggles as we learn and adjust to Ugandan culture.  I consider often the days that our children will look at me and say, "I want to go home".  How will I handle that?  How will I handle it when my wife is just broken down and worn out from learning how to shop in a completely different way?  It is a loving reminder that I am hopeless and helpless apart from my Savior.  I am learning during this time, that He is my all sufficiency.  As I consider all these things, God has planted a flag of victory within me.  I am not afraid to go and do this.  I am not afraid at the situations that are coming because I really trust Him.  He has not chosen me in all of history to fail His word.  He is so good and I love Him so much.  He is so worth all of this and so much more.  So I am pressing forward unsure of the future, but absolutely sure of the call.  I want God to impact the nations and I want Him to use me in whatever capacity He sees fit.  The reason is this:  I've seen and experienced so many things in this world, but none of it holds a candle to watching my Savior work.  It doesn't get any better than that.  So in August I will be excited to hear: Tubasanyukidde Uganda Ssebo (Welcome to Uganda Sir).
We'd love to have your help as we approach our goal, it is not too late for you to partner with us.  We are looking for monthly and annual support to help move our percentages up.  We welcome any and all who are willing to partner with us.  Know this that if you partner with us, God will use every penny you give to impact the nations for His Kingdom.  He will use it to draw men and women from everywhere to Himself.  Thank you so much for the impact that God is having on Uganda through the many of you who are already faithfully giving.  The greatest investment you could ever make is in the Redeemer, who never fails and is always victorious.  May our God bless you and open the eyes of your heart that you may see Him fill the minutes of your day with His wondrous grace.

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