Monday, January 5, 2015

Giddy As A School Girl

You remember when you were a kid and you used to dream really big?  There was nothing but air and opportunity between you and world in front of you.  There were virtually no hindrances at all and no down side to whatever it is you were dreaming about.  It was such an awesome thing to dream like that.  Many of us wanted to be policeman and fireman and soldiers and we wanted to change the world and we really believed we could.  Somehow when we got older, the world was able to get into our ear and whisper things that chipped away at our confidence that we were made to change the world.  We aged and as we grew older we began to buy into the lie that we are little more than some numerical value that should strive for mediocrity and personal pleasure.  As the days went by and the whispers grew louder, the axe-head of complacency split us from the purpose for which we were created.  Most people waived the white flag and surrendered to the drag net of this culture which faked celebration for individual perseverance and yet insisted on single file submission to the idols of this world.  Then like the blast of a great trumpet, enters Jesus Christ.
He comes in like a silent scream and demands the attention of all who hear Him.  With His strength He is able to suddenly and gradually remove the clamps of complacency and restore the will to dream big.  He stands so victorious that He enables the follower to not just dream without fear, but to dream His dreams which dwarf our dreams.  All that we were once convinced was impossible, literally melts like snow on 60 degree day.
As we started fundraising over a year and a half ago, I had so many whispers in my ear and a great fear to dream.  I had been called of God to Uganda and yet for some reason, the loud whispers refused to hush as I refused to trust fully.  How in the world were we going to raise all that money?  What if a war breaks out?  Am I really cut out for missions?  What about my family and how they will transition, is this the wisest thing for me to do?  Despite my faithlessness, God marched forward, right over the top of my doubt.  Every nay-saying question listed above has been clearly and thoroughly dealt with by His Majesty!  I am as a child again, staring into the face of hopeful dreams that God has put upon the plate of my life.  I feel a nervous excitement and a giddiness like a child who is waiting eagerly for Christmas morning.  I am utterly humbled and see within me the lack luster drive and ability that my humanness brings to the table.  But I hear His whispers confirming that He can use me and that I just need to remain and abide in Him.  In all these things there is a pulling and stretching and some times an ache that takes place.  But, were I to endure it for the rest of my life to move one inch closer to Him, I would beg for the pain.  He is my everything and I am learning to trust Him.
I write all of this above because we are very close to completing our funding goal.  We are now less than 20% away from being finished.  Praising God for this near completion and at the same time praising Him for taking us through this.  We literally only need $1385 more a month and we will be finished.  As of last Friday it was a $1500 a month need.  Then God moved and it was $1400 and then God moved and it was $1385.  He is making provision for His ministry through us and I am in awe of all I see.  How can this be, God?!?!?  Praise Your holy name!  So now we are preparing to complete this task, sell our home, head to training and head to the field on July 29, 2015.  There are many things we need and so I will list these prayer requests below.  Please add them as we need prayer warriors on our team.

Prayer Requests:

That God would finish providing for our ministry as He has faithfully been doing.

That our home (which will go on the market in March) would sell quickly.

That my foot would heal (I broke it in 5 places at work) so that I can get back to helping my wife.  

That my wife would be able to relax and enjoy her family and be able to breathe and destress.  She has had to pick up the lions share of the work because I can't walk.

That God would prepare the hearts of those in Uganda whom God means to impact through us.

That we would breathe deep the breath of God knowing that this is His will for our lives.  That He may thoroughly prepare us for all that He wants us to do.

May the God of all creation so fill your hearts and homes today that you are unable to contain it all.


brother JW

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