Friday, October 12, 2018

Kubanga, Oli Wa Mugaso Nyo--Because, You Are Very Important

As most of you know, I have been a big believer in putting what I learn into action.  I think that I am like most people in that the fear of failure is actually worse than the failure itself.  Over the course of time, I've grown increasingly comfortable with the try hard and fail model over the do nothing and wonder model.  The latter is maddening and I've come to hate it.
Fast forward to today.  About 3 years ago, we were introduced to a wonderful woman named Norah Kagoya and the TAPP program.  TAPP stands for Tumaini Aids Prevention Program and we have partnered with Norah because we have seen the tremendous effects that she and this program have had in the community in and around Kampala.  Tumaini means hope and it is exactly what is brought through this program.  The ladies that we go and spend time with each month all have one thing in common; at one time, they were all very scared.  Imagine for a moment that you are at the doctor's office and you are suddenly informed that you are HIV positive.  What are the raw emotions that would pour out, the dreams that would be instantly crushed and the cultural reaction that would come as a result of that?  How did this happen?  Who can help me?  What now?  TAPP reaches in and helps these women and their families in such an incredible way.  They help them to realize that they are not HIV people, rather, they are beautiful people who happen to have HIV.  They help to restore the God ordained value of the lives that are rocked by this chaos.  Though these families face all kinds of difficulties, many are very happy to be alive, relatively healthy and many are working.
I love being apart of the Gospel in action.  Simply put, Love hears, sees and responds with action.  I've often wondered what kind of people my kids will be.  Far beyond passing on any wealth (haha), or property, I so desperately want to pass on the priceless gift of compassionate service to a broken world.  Whether it is with refugees, students, people with HIV/AIDS or simply neighbors, my prayer is that they will learn to sit with the broken and count it all joy as I do.
Please see pictures and descriptions, hear the stories and keep them ever in prayers.  There is great value in these families.

This is Betty.  You may have seen her before.  We met Betty back several years ago.  She lives on the edge of the swamp and is an incredible lady.  The last time we met, the rain was heavier so it was difficult for us to get back to where she lives.  Fortunately, today was a drier day and we were able to see her again.  Betty and her family live on the edge of the swamp and when it rains the water comes on into her house, sometimes big time.  Betty's HIV is well controlled now with medication.  What seemed hopeless so many years ago, now seems very hopeful to us.  The school that TAPP is partnered with, brought some money to help her construct a chicken coop and get chickens.  Though she still has many hurdles to overcome, Betty is moving ever so slowly towards gaining a source of sustainable income.  We (and many of you) have been praying for Betty for years.  God has heard those prayers and continues to bless her despite some very tough obstacles.  Please keep praying that we can keep returning for visits as well as walk with Betty through some still tough situations. 
This is Rose.  As you can see, Rose is a mother and she is highly dedicated to that role.  Her husband died of HIV some years ago and Rose is now caring for her children on her own.  TAPP has intervened and walks with Rose through the difficulties of life.  Rose is struggling to find work and by the grace of God, has neighbors who help her when they can.  Please pray for Rose as often as you think of her. 

This is Prossy.  Prossy lives in her home with 7 others.  She is also HIV positive and works at the nearby quarries breaking stones.  She works from sun up to sun down in order to provide for her family.  When her children are done with school, they come straight to the quarries where Prossy makes them all dinner.  She is strong and very determined for her kids to do well.  I am overwhelmed by this courageous mother who has overcome so many things.  Please pray for Prossy, that God would continue to meet her needs and that His great grace would be ever upon her.  She is am amazing woman.  What an honor it was to be in her home.

This is Sara.  When we walked in, Sara had her Bible open on her night stand with things underlined and a pen sitting in the middle.  The Bible was worn which is a good sign.  Sara is very sick.  She needs a lot of prayer.  She is seated here with her son Gideon who is awesome.  In this small room, 5 people live and sleep on the same bed.  Please pray for God's intervention in Sara's life.  Today she was struggling to communicate with us.  Please pray that she gets better.  She is weak enough not to be able to cook for herself right now and is relying on neighbors to cook for her.  The ramifications of an illness impact so many people.  The problems are big, but God is bigger.

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