Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saving Lives

Most of us, when we were younger, used to idolize policemen and firemen.  Why?  They got to protect and save lives.  I mean the actual thought of being able to stand between someone else's life or death situation was so amazing.  It gave me, as a kid, a feeling of excitement and confidence that I would not flinch or shy away from sacrificing everything to protect and preserve the lives of others.  It didn't matter who they were either, I just wanted to save lives.
As I was spending time with Jesus yesterday, I received a healthy dose of urgency.  In my last post, Micah asked the most important position, "why am I here?".  I was visited by this question again.  I haven't been created to remain in my suburban bubble although there is nothing wrong with my living conditions.  I haven't been created to buy my family the best things the world has to offer although there is nothing wrong with providing well for my family.  I haven't been created to be solely focused on the agenda of Justin Williams, although there is nothing wrong with some time to myself.  I haven't been created for my own benefit, although there is nothing wrong with enjoying how God has made me.  A pursuit of all of these things that we think are so invaluable in our day and in our culture, have consistently left me with a void.  But when I seek Him and seek to be near Him, I am overflowed with His abundance.  I could seek for contentment in what this world has to offer for 100 lifetimes and never be fulfilled.  Yet just being in His mere presence is more than I can handle.  I love the economy of this.  In the world there is never enough, but just seconds in His presence causes the human heart to overflow with abundance.  Who doesn't want to be with a God like this?
Even more exciting than the fact that He has redeemed and reconciled us to Himself for all of eternity (I'm still not over that!) and the fact that He has freed us from ourselves (I will forever celebrate this one as well!)  is that the fact that He has given us our dream job and equipped us perfectly to complete it.  Today, an estimated 150,000 people will die and go to hell.  That is shocking and it disturbs me.  My question to you and me is this, what did we do today to make an impact on that number?  There will never be another 7/31/2013, God made it special for us and it will never repeat itself.  What would it look like if we all woke up tomorrow on 08/01/2013 and went out and recognized that we have the freedom to spread the Good News?!?  It wouldn't be that we were relying on our ability to save someone, that isn't our job, our job is to engage in discussion and trust that God will develop the opportunity.  There is nothing like being engaged in someone's life!!  There is nothing like watching God work in that way!!!  Living life in this way supersedes anything you could dream of that this world has to offer.  I wouldn't trade any of the times of watching God work for 50 yard line tickets to any Superbowl.  He is so much better than that.
We were all created in such a unique way, each one of us having a unique story about Christ's intervention in our lives.  I'm asking you today to take what God has created you to be in the unique way He made you and trust that He will do amazing things through you.  What will you trust Him to do in and through you this week?  Let me encourage you to GO FOR IT, you will NEVER REGRET IT!!!!!

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