Monday, August 5, 2013

What This is All About

Yesterday was such an amazing day for our family.  We got the opportunity to attend Connections Church in Franklin and share our vision for our family in Uganda.  I made a rookie mistake when I left the house in a hurry (I usually don't leave the house any other way).  I forgot my notes for message I was going to give.  Of all the things to forget, I'd rather have gone shirtless than to forget my notes.  As it happened, I had my shirt and no notes.  This is what the mission field is like.  A plan is formulated, resources are gathered or estimated to be gathered and somewhere between these first two steps and execution, the plan takes on a different shape.  I surmised that it was God reminding me that Justin Williams isn't an independent entity who should offer a sneeze of a prayer before and after his presentation. 
Rather than that happening, I quickly came to the conclusion that this was His message, it was His party (not mine) and He had invited me.  The appointment had been set by His Majesty and He would bring the supplies needed to do what needed to be done.  I had memorized Proverbs 3:5,6 so many times and it was a great verse to have, until yesterday.  I was reminded of what it means for God's word to be cherished.  It meant that I would put my full weight and trust in what He said and await the result.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that God is obligated to honor my mistakes, NOT AT ALL!!!  It has been my experience, however, that when I find myself unable, He carries me.  Yesterday, I stood up in front of these brothers and sisters of the faith, that I love very very much and I just opened my mouth.  God took hold and when I was done, I had poured out my heart to this congregation in absolute celebration of what Jesus had done, was doing and will do in my life.  I can't even recall everything I said, I was so enamored with Him that I just praised Him in the message.
That's what this is all about for us, pointing back to Jesus Christ with every word and deed and proclaiming His glory.  I am no less contemplative about our next steps that anyone else is about theirs.  But, I refuse to be afraid, because He loves us so much and has set us free from so much.  I delight in serving Him, I rejoice in watching His perfect plans unfold in imperfect me.  He is so rich, He is a God of abundance, not a God of scarcity and I am never left empty at the end of the day.  HE IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!
If you are praying for us, here are some requests:  1st, please give great thanks to the Father for such and amazing time yesterday.  At the end, I got to baptize a young man that I have had an opportunity to do some mentoring with.  He is such a great kid and I love him a lot.  It was one of the sweetest days for me.  Second, pray for Debby and I as we transition into fundraising.  We are one week into it and the enemy is attacking.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  Third, pray for my schedule, I am needing to take 3 masters classes this semester in order to be done and that is a LOT.  On top of that, I have picked up another job.  Please pray that I would rest in Him and find my refuge in Him during this time.  Please be interactive, I would love to know how I could partner with you and pray for you as well. 


  1. You were perfect Justin in your own wonderfully unique and funny way. The seriousness of your calling is very evident. The day was amazing. Thanks for using the photos, I am honored. God allows me to capture sweet emotion in my pictures. That young man you baptized thinks it would be cool to come hang out with me and since I am old enough to be his grandmother, I might be just as cool as you are! Maybe you can coach me as you pass this torch for yet another. You did a really fine job in mentoring him.

  2. Praise the Lord!!!! Justin, God has used you to change the lives of soo many men and women with myself included. I pray that God gives you and your family victory in your daily battles against Satan as he tries with all of his might to keep you from fulfilling God's will for your lives.

    Go forth brother and PROCLAIM the GOSPEL!

    I love you bro, always have and always will.