Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Moments in Midst of Chaos

I thought this week what I would do is to give you a recap of some very special times I was able to have just celebrating Jesus.  Last Sunday, I got an opportunity to baptize a young man by the name of Ryan Eakle.

The guy in the black shirt is obviously me and the guy in the white shirt is me 24 years ago.  I have had the immense privilege of doing life together with this young man for the past 2 years.  When I look at him, I see myself many years ago, hopeless and afraid and unable to fathom the love of the Father.  I see a kid who is under heavy attack on all fronts as the enemy knows that Ryan can do some serious damage for the cause of Christ.  I remember being where he is and though I don't live the same life and struggle with exactly the same things, I know this kid.  I really love this kid, I want God to take him and do radical things in his life, because I know He can.  I am genuinely burdened for this kid as God holds a freedom for him that he hasn't yet scratched the surface of.  I rejoice in Jesus so much that I got to be there over the last two years to give this kid Godly direction and constant affirmation and love.  He can just be Ryan and not have to be the sum total of his actions.  Jesus loves Ryan just as he is and sometimes that is hard for us to take in, but its true.  Were He to come here today, He would seek you out, where you are and love on you without condition.  He does it every second of every day.  You see the enemy knows you and calls you by your sin, but Jesus knows your sin and calls you by your name.  We have so great a Saviour!!!  The man in the blue shirt, his name is Gary Walker and he is my spiritual father.  He walked with me through some dark days and rough times and he demonstrated Jesus to me better than anyone that I have ever known.  It was the willingness of this man and several others that God used to grow me.  I rejoice at the thought of the reward that awaits them, indeed I am a very blessed man to have received discipleship from such men as this.
This is a picture that I will cherish as I move on towards missions in Uganda because it reminds me that Jesus started off with a statement on discipleship (follow me) and ended with a statement on discipleship (go and make disciples).  I'd obey without being able to see the above, but Jesus sure is sweet to give us things like this.  
Last for this week, I wanted to share a podcast with you.  Most of you have probably heard this, but again as we ramp up, I wanted to make sure that we are conveying our "why" for Uganda.  Please feel free to listen and leave feedback.  Also, I am including the link to our WGM funding page because many people still aren't aware that they can begin donating.  I"m asking you for your financial help.  We want you to help send us to Uganda and to be a part of what God is going to do through us.  Blessings and I will update again on Friday.  Yesu Amala - Jesus is Enough!!!

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