Sunday, August 25, 2013

And He remains Faithful

I remember when I first became a youth pastor, just about 3 years ago.  Everything was so new and like many youth pastors, I felt so unqualified to be leading youth.  I sensed that I was horribly inadequate for the job and that it was going to take an absolute act of God to ready me for the call to lead youth into spiritual maturity.  My first few weeks and months were so hard because everything was so new and I was so unsure of myself.  I questioned every decision that I made and then second guessed and so on and so on and it was exhausting. 

Yet over time, I have discovered that God generally tends to utilize people in grand ways who see the road before them as a human impossibility.  God accomplishes several things using this method.  First, the person who has been given the impossible task is forced to become completely dependent upon the Lord for all things with regard to the assigned task.  Second, by becoming completely reliant upon the Lord for all things, the person becomes completely aware that any success that follows is the result of a perfect God who has perfect plans.  Fourth, the person begins to pray to God out of necessity and then watches as God works out the details with results that often stun the believer.  The second part of this is it produces a maturity in the believer so that they move from praying out of necessity to praying out of a desire to be near Jesus (I know because I'm living it).  Finally, the onlookers who watch what God is doing through this person are essentially forced to point to God as the source of all that is happening in and through this person. 

As Debby and I have moved forward in our pursuit of the call to Uganda, I have been transition to a more and more dependent relationship upon Lord.  While that doesn't jive well with a fallen world, it is exactly what the Lord wants us to do.  As I have done this, I have been, like the above person, quite literally shocked at God's constantly reaffirming and faithful provision for our family.  I cannot, in one blog post, do justice to the waterfall of provision that He has bestowed upon our family.  I'm not talking about prosperity gospel either, I'm talking about a God who is faithful to provide for our needs.  Even more than that, He handles so many of our wants as well. 

This past week, we were asked to return a computer to a church and we were weighing what we would do for a computer (not a need, a want).  That same night we are given....GIVEN a free laptop and printer!!!  This week, we were challenged logistically with my work schedule and school schedule and there was a legitimate conflict and we didn't know what was going to happen.  In 48 hours, my team appealed to my manager and asked him to allow me to finish my Master's classes so that I could head to Africa in July.  This was a human impossibility and what we saw as a closed door, was shoved wide open by God.  These are just 2 of the many many things that we got to watch God do this past week. 

Friends, I don't know where you are today, perhaps you understand that wealth of being totally dependent upon the Lord.  Perhaps you are afraid to do that, I understand that.  As humans it is just in us to want to control everything that we can.  I want to task you with this as we start a new week.  I have never regretted becoming dependent upon the Lover of my soul.  He has never let me down and in fact, I count myself to be the wealthiest man alive that I get to see Him work in and through me.  I want ask you this week as you go to Him in prayer, to ask God to bring you to complete dependence upon Him.  Its so worth it, He never fails, no matter what the issue or situation, ask Him to be in the every detail of your life.  Once you've done that ask Him to show you where He's working and what He's doing.  There is nothing on earth that compares to that, NOTHING!!!!!  Lord, send us to Uganda.

Yesu Amala,

Jesus is enough!!!!

Brother JW

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