Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Wonderful Mother: A "Fear Not" Woman of God

I have had the privilege of interviewing my mother this evening.  Every time I get a chance to talk with her, I am always so encouraged to listen as she reflects on God's goodness.  It is so neat to listen to her talk about the ways in which she has seen God working in her life and in the "sphere of influence" that God has given her as a missionary in Mocksville, NC.  My mom works as a nurse educator in North Carolina, not just teaching the technical medical procedures that need to be done, but teaching others how to be compassionate care-givers for people that have been uniquely created by God.  She is phenomenal at this and her passion for loving the sick and the elderly is definitely evident from the moment she begins describing what she does.  For my mom, it isn't about a nurse image, it is a privilege bestowed upon her by the Lord to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who are hurting.  
This evening, I asked my mom her thoughts and concerns about our family traveling 8800 miles away to Uganda to serve there for two years.  Her answers were so reaffirming to me, enjoy.

1. What was the first thing to run through your mind when you heard that our family was sensing a call to full time mission in Uganda?

Mom: I thought to myself, if God really wants them there, He will provide all that they need to be there and if He doesn't then they won't go.  It sounds simple enough, but I trust God to open and close the doors and windows that He wills.

2. What is your understanding of our desire to do mission in Uganda?

Mom: I know that you love and serve Jesus and that He has given you a heart for the people of Uganda. I know that you want to be with them and serve them with Christ's love.  

3. As missionary parents, the acceptance of God’s call on your children to go overseas can be a difficult one to deal with.  What exactly are you trusting in when fear/negativity comes your way?

Mom: I just don't fear!  I'm not afraid because fear is a preoccupation with self.  I wouldn't want to stand in the way of what God is doing and what He is going to do.  I am just so proud and thankful that God would allow me to be your mom and to have a part in His plan to bring Him glory.  I definitely miss you and Debby and the kids, but even in this, God has prepared me because we have been separated my geography for some time.  He is so faithful and it causes me to trust Him.  I just don't fear because I know you want His will.

4. What makes you excited about us serving God in Uganda?

Mom: Just to know that you guys are touching lives and impacting eternity.  It is exciting for me and makes me very proud of you guys.  I know that He will carry you in all that you do there.  Its exciting to know that you will watch Him work in you and through you.

5. What reservations do you have about us serving in Uganda?

Mom: I think your diabetes is the only thing I think of.  Like I said earlier, I just don't worry.  He knows the exact number of hairs on your head.  He knows the exact number of your days and He did before you were even born.  I know that you belong to Him.  Even though I am your mother, you rest in His hands and I give you to Him to bring Him glory.  You belong to Him, not me.  I don't worry.  Read Psalm 139.

6. As missionaries we carry the greatest Message known to man.  If you could convey a message to the Ugandan people, what would that message be?

Mom: Don't hurt my boy!!  Don't run over him with one of those crazy motorcycles (haha).  No, just heed God's word and love each other in Christ.

7. What would you say to someone who responds to your statement about us going to Uganda with, “Uganda?!?!?!?!?, Really?!?!?!?!!? They aren’t taking their kids are they?

Mom: I would laugh and say, "Of course!!!"  I would ask them if they really think they are safer here.  The truth is that our safety is in Christ and in doing His will.  While that doesn't always mean we are safe, it supersede the joy of serving Him.  As far as the kids, it could be and probably will be one of the greatest things for them to go and live in Uganda.  It is so easy to get distracted in this country with all that we have.  They will learn to love other cultures and people.  They will learn cultural sensitivity and appreciate how good God is.

8.What would you like to say to the readers of our blog and supporters as far as your heart for what we are doing?

Mom: Send them money.  (Laughing).  As your mother, I want to see you live what Jesus has put on your heart, so I want you to go to Uganda.  I am proud of my son and I love him and I know that He is seeking to do God's will in all of this.  Please help send them to Uganda.  Its so easy to stay here and become complacent, but they are willing to forgo that for the Cause.  Please help them get to Uganda.

So there you have it.  This is the lady that God chose to raise me and I couldn't be more grateful that He would have given me such an amazing woman.  As I listen to and re-read some of these answers, I am just amazed at His provision.  I could not and would not be what or who I am without her, the greatest influence in my life.  Mom, the day is coming when God will reward you richly for your great compassion and mercy (I know, I needed a lot of it, LOL).  Until that day comes, you have the loving thanks of a son who thinks the world of you.

Yesu Amala-Jesus is enough

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