Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Band Of Brothers--Meet James Sentiba

Meet James Sentiba!  Reverend James as we call him was one of the first young men to be promoted within our Band of Brothers leadership circuit.  In addition to a few other leaders, James is one of my primary contacts for Band of Brothers and Act Like Men.  Reverend James is one of the young men that is currently running our study while I am here in the States on Home Ministry Assignment.  He is doing such a fantastic job and I am really proud of him.  In addition to studying God's Word, James takes the time to put what he has learned into practice.  In addition, he teaches and encourages others to do the same thing.  That is what we are about in Band of Brothers.  Please take a moment to pray for Revered James, all of the other young men and women who are leading.  Please continue to pray for Act Like Men and Act Like Women as we prepare to return and continue to allow God to continue growing and expanding. 
Here is an interview with Reverend James Sentiba:

Hi, my name is James Sentiba and I am fifteen years old. I am proudly Ugandan and I would consider myself extremely passionate about God. I am currently a 10th grade student at Heritage International School. 

1. Tell me about some of the things that you like and also some things you find challenging about being in an International School.

I like lots of things. I like mystery books, FOOD, hanging out with my friends… honestly the list could go on and on.
Some of the things that I find challenging about being in an international school is the “indirect racism”. International schools are very diverse. Now this is a good thing, but sometimes students don’t get along. It’s like everyone has their own groups (i.e. ‘Black guys’, ‘the Asians’, ). If you don’t belong to that specific race, you don’t fit in with the group. Obviously these groups don’t mean to exclude members of different races, but sometimes it’s like you just can’t mix.

2. What was the first thing that went through your head when you met, saw or heard Mr. Williams and that you had him for Bible?

When is first saw Mr. Williams, he looked like a pretty funny guy. It wasn’t until my first bible class when I realized that, not only was he funny, but he was also very serious about God. As time passed I saw how Mr. Williams had a passion to befriend all of his students. To me he wasn’t only a teacher; he was a friend who had my best interest in mind

3. What does it mean to you to be a Brother in the Band of Brothers leadership circle and how does it affect you daily?

Being a Band of Brother is a true honor for me. When I wear that pin (and even when I don’t) I know that I have a great responsibility. Even though people say things about you, or maybe they put you down, I still know that it is my responsibility to treat all with kindness and be a true leader. 

4. What would you say that you are most passionate about within the Christian life?

I would say that I am most passionate about spending time with God. I think that one of the most important keys to a relationship is communication. I really love talking with Jesus. He understands everything so well. The more I talk to Him, the more He reveals to me. I find out more about the Kingdom of God when I just stop and talk to the one who died for my sins.

5. What are some practical or real life changes that you have seen over the past three years that you really thank God for?

Over the past few years, God has just been making me a better person day by day. I can be really evil sometimes but recently God has been teaching me that because I am a new creation, because Jesus Christ lives in me, I am holy. Even though I still make some mistakes, I still thank God for the fact that he loves me enough to make me like His Son.

6. What was the last thing that went through your mind the last time you saw or heard Mr. Williams?

The last thing that went through my mind the last time I saw Mr. Williams was, “Please  back soon!”

I'm working on it big man.  Praying that God will help us to finish up our funding and get back to the Uganda where He has called us to serve among great young men like Reverend James.  As I do these interviews, I am feel the weight of having my heart in two places.  I can not wait to be back among these leaders and these students.  Thank you so much Reverend James.  Thank you for fighting the good fight and leading in such a Godly way.  God is making a difference in the lives of all that He puts in your path.  I am so proud of you!

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  1. James is honestly such an inspirational man of God! Thank you Mr.Williams for lighting a fire for the Almighty in the hearts of Heritage students and alumni.